Staying friends

Staying friends even when you disagree

How do you establish who you are apart from your parents? What if your family and friends disagree with your beliefs, values, or goals? Can you still stay close? What about making friends—can you be friends with someone with differing political views, a different lifestyle, or other beliefs than you? Can you be friends with…

Life In Motion

Help! I’ve Got Trust Issues

We’ve all experienced hurt, betrayal, and brokenness in our relationships. Unresolved hurt almost always leads to trust issues. So, how do we love like we’ve never been hurt? In this episode of Life In Motion, Heather and Jamie share their current and past struggles with trust issues and what they're doing about them. 3 Ways to…


Why is it so hard to make friends?

 Why is making friends so hard? Like, don’t we all just want to be known? The desire to be seen, understood, and heard is hardwired in all of us. So why do we cringe at the idea of putting ourselves out there?  It’s no surprise, social anxiety is at an all-time high. After a…

In Motion

HELP! I don’t have any friends 

If you’re new to Life In Motion, here’s what you should know: this is a podcast where best friends, Heather George and Jamie Jobe, talk about life—the ups, the downs, and everything in between, even the things we're not supposed to talk about. This season, we’re dialing in and dedicating to making, managing, and molding…