Can men and women be just friends?

Can married men and women be "just friends?" With the Billy Graham rule being now two generations old, is it time to adapt the way we approach relationships with the opposite gender? Let's talk about it. In this episode, Jamie and Heather discuss some of the red flags of being just friends as well as…


Breaking Up—How to handle the end of a relationship

Breaking up is hard, romantic or not. From kids growing up to friends moving away, there are necessary endings in your life that, if ungrieved, can really hurt you. So how do you handle the end of a relationship? Let's talk about it. In this episode, Jamie and Heather discuss some of the difficult endings…


Boundaries don't have to suck

What do you think of when you hear the word boundary? Do you think of a brick wall? A termination of your relationship? Or a sign of rejection? Can we help to set you free today? Boundaries don't have to suck. You might be surprised but Heather George loves boundaries. They're one of her personal…

Staying friends

Staying friends even when you disagree

How do you establish who you are apart from your parents? What if your family and friends disagree with your beliefs, values, or goals? Can you still stay close? What about making friends—can you be friends with someone with differing political views, a different lifestyle, or other beliefs than you? Can you be friends with…


Toxic People and How to Deal

How do you deal with toxic people? You're probably thinking, "Ditch 'em." And we don't blame you, but as you bounce from friendship to friendship, you'll likely find that everyone has some toxicity. In this episode of Life In Motion, Heather and Jamie talk about confronting toxicity in you and in others.  We're all broken…

Life In Motion

Help! I’ve Got Trust Issues

We’ve all experienced hurt, betrayal, and brokenness in our relationships. Unresolved hurt almost always leads to trust issues. So, how do we love like we’ve never been hurt? In this episode of Life In Motion, Heather and Jamie share their current and past struggles with trust issues and what they're doing about them. 3 Ways to…

In Motion

HELP! I don’t have any friends 

If you’re new to Life In Motion, here’s what you should know: this is a podcast where best friends, Heather George and Jamie Jobe, talk about life—the ups, the downs, and everything in between, even the things we're not supposed to talk about. This season, we’re dialing in and dedicating to making, managing, and molding…


And That’s a Wrap: A Q&A to End Season One

Answering your questions on depression, loving the LGBTQ community, setting boundaries, and making friends. We've had an incredible 12 episode first season of Life In Motion. If you didn't know, season one was called "We've Got Issues". During this season, we've looked at anxiety, depression, overspending, grief, and so much more, and it's been an…