Psalm 107: Let the Redeemed Say So

Unrequited love makes for great comedy, but insufferable reality. From my first date with Ruth, I knew I would marry her. I wasn’t overly anxious about it. In fact, the just the opposite. I felt a great sense of relief from the onset our relationship. After years of searching, the search was finally over. I…


Psalm 103: A God with Benefits

I remember it being late on a Tuesday night when we had another “debate.” My girlfriend (now wife) and I had just attended a worship gathering for college students. It wasn’t put on or sponsored by any single church or denomination. It was an hour of music with maybe five minutes of teaching from someone.…


Psalm 19: Creation Testifies

Sun’s Out Summertime. The days stretch out, long and lean, extending an invitation for us to soak up every ounce of sunlight left lingering on the edge of the horizon. There aren’t more than 24 hours in a day during the summer, but it sure does feel like it. More time for playing, swimming, laughing,…

Stream of water

Psalm 42: When Hope is Hard to Find

Psalm 42 is one of the most well known Psalms of all time, mostly due to the visceral, moving imagery of its opening verse: “As the deer pants for the flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” Maybe you’ve sung those words before? In fact, if you old-schoolers are like me, you…


Psalm 2: Looking For A King

I loved fairytales when I was a kid. (I still do. Give me Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia any day and I’m a happy camper.) I loved getting lost in a make-believe world where anything was possible. In that world, the limitations of being a kid were of little consequence. There…

Reignite Hope

Reignite Your Hope

Imagine if your deepest disappointments could be reframed to look like hope. WE ALL WANT ANSWERS “Any more questions?” my doctor asked me at the end of a routine check-up during my pregnancy with my second daughter. Tears welled up and began running down my cheeks. I knew this wasn’t the response he was expecting.…