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Are You Too Busy for God?

We live in a culture that wears busyness like a badge of honor. How do we practice the presence of the Lord in a season where there doesn’t seem to be any margin for more of God?  We want to show up for all the people in our life, but it feels like there’s just…


Is He Faithful? Part 2

This season is all about examining and responding to the faithfulness of God. Jamie and Heather are focused on being responsive to God’s direction and being faithful in every area of their lives. Last week, Jamie shared how her honesty and vulnerability paved the way for greater authenticity and intimacy in her marriage. Jamie’s confession…


Is He Faithful? Part 1

Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Truly following God takes a lot of trust—trust that He is good and that He is faithful to keep His promises. In this episode, Heather and Jamie unpack all that God did through the Daughters Women’s conference. As they are focused on faithfulness in every season, God…


Recognizing Dysfunction & Redefining Normal

Being healthy spiritually, physically, and mentally doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes intentionality in every aspect of life. But sometimes we get so comfortable in unhealth and dysfunction, we don’t even realize that what has become normal to us is not in fact normal. It takes a lot of internal work, but also a…


"I Think It's Time to Walk Out in Freedom."

It can be harder than we realize to truly walk in freedom, to let go of the safety nets we’ve built around ourselves and our emotions; it takes a lot of courage. There is so much fear attached because our normal reactions and coping mechanisms are how we self-protect. Last season, Heather and Jamie were…


Am I Really Changing at All?

Last season, Heather and Jamie devoted themselves to doing the hard, internal work: exploring how to be their healthiest physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They felt like they had made a lot of progress. But as they’re stepping into this new season, it’s becoming obvious that getting internal work to translate externally is a challenge, leaving…


Marriage: You Can’t Play the Game If You Don’t Know the Rules

In marriage, you can't play the game if you don't know the rules. Have you ever played a game with someone, but you both were using different rules? The inevitable result would be a never-ending and very confusing game. Before you start a game, you go over the rules, right? So often we approach our…

Jamie from Life In Motion

The spiritual side to mental and emotional health

How do we nurture our spiritual health along with our mental and emotional health? A lot of times in our pursuit of mental and emotional health we neglect our spiritual being. Why? Because that’s what culture tells us to do. There are tons of books, podcasts, and blogs on how to be a better person,…

Season 3 | Episode 9

Emotional Blockage: Do You Have One?

Are you struggling with an emotional blockage? Have you ever felt really bottled up? Maybe you've been holding on to a lot of hurts and you just don't know how to let them go? Or maybe some old feelings keep popping back up. How do you release them? In this episode, Heather and Jamie talk…

Jamie from Life in Motion

Family culture: I'm just like my dad.

What was your family culture like growing up? Not sure? Well, have you ever noticed yourself responding to something precisely the way one of your parents/guardians would have? It's totally normal but can also be a little startling. Whether you had amazing or not-so-great parents/guardians, how they acted and viewed the world shaped how you…